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Happiness and hypnotherapy

Updated: Jun 26

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‘To be happy’ is the most basic goal for pretty much everyone. It is also the goal for people who come to me for solution focused hypnotherapy.

There may be different solutions for my clients though. It could be feeling less anxiety in social situations, stammering less when speaking in public, conquering a fear/phobia, dealing with a medical diagnosis or any number of other challenges.

The start of each hypnotherapy session is taken up with the question: ‘What’s been good?’ This is where we discuss the positive things that have happened since we last met. They are generally centred on what we call the 3 Ps:

· Positive thoughts

· Positive actions

· Positive interactions

Every time we experience or think about positive things in our lives, our brains release positive chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and oxcytocin. These chemicals make us feel that we can cope better with life, increasing feelings of reward, pleasure and motivation. These feelings encourage us to have more positive thoughts and interactions as well as carrying out more positive actions.

You can see how we can get in the grip of a virtuous circle where things can get better and better.. The truth is that even when at times in our lives when we may think everything is going wrong, there are still good things happening even if they seem small in comparison. This helps us to turn our thinking around and improve our mood and motivation. These chemicals can also help our immune system and in turn our physical health.

This is just one of the techniques I use in my session to help people feel better and happier. If you would like to know more about boosting brain chemicals and being happier and healthier with hypnotherapy, please get in touch. I see people online or at my clinics in Harley Street , London and Whitstable, Faversham or Herne Bay in Kent.

To learn more: or book a free 15- minute consultation with me.


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