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anxiety treatment london and kent

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety or intense worrying can be overcome and you can start to enjoy life again seeing things in a more positive and relaxed way. Hypnotherapy can be very effective treatment for anxiety and health anxiety. Get back to feeling the way you want to feel at home and at work

anxiety treatment

What is hypnotherapy for anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling that something bad might happen. These worries can become a habit and intense feelings may result in overwhelm and in the worst case, panic attacks.  You may also feel that you think about things in the worst case scenario a lot of the time. These feelings of anxiety can be focused on any area of life such as work, home, socialising, driving or travel and the outside world. I use a mixture of talking therapy and hypnosis to help you learn how to reduce stress and anxiety to feel better and be happier at work, at home and in social situations. 

Health Anxiety

The mind controls the body so it's important to deal with health anxiety to keep you feeling well. I see many people with and without health conditions that suffer from health anxiety. Get in touch if you feel you may be spending too much time worrying about your health. If you are well or under treatment for a health condition, worrying about your health is not helpful. Reducing these worries can leave you feeling better and help improve your quality of life.

How does hypnotherapy for anxiety  work?

My approach is based on neuroscience and knowledge of how the brain works. I will help you to understand what is going on in the brain and the body when you are suffering from anxiety so you will see why it is happening.


We will then work with techniques to help you reduce and control anxiety so that you are feeling more in control and relaxed. We also use hypnosis to help you feel more relaxed and lower feelings of anxiety to help you do the things you want to do in the way you want to do them. These sessions focus on positive solutions and are found to be very relaxing.

The goal of the sessions is to help you move towards bringing your anxiety under control to achieve a happier life. This includes techniques to reduce panic attacks and the physical symptoms of anxiety as well as mental symptoms such as worrying and negative thoughts about the future.

anxiety hypnotherapy
Anxiety therapist kent and london

Who is anxiety hypnotherapy for?

I have worked with people who have anxiety for all kinds of reasons with anxiety around work/home/driving/flying/travel/socialising and also many people with health anxiety.

What do you need to do?

You will not need to discuss or disclose anything you do not want to in order for the sessions to work for you. We focus on helping you build a happy future and not what has happened in the past. Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy. This means that it can be used alongside any other treatments/medications you may already be using or want to use while seeing me.

I work with clients at my clinics in Harley Street, London; Whitstable and Herne Bay in Kent or online using secure video link. I also work with organisations at their offices. Contact me to find out more.

To help you make up your mind, I offer a free 15 minute hypnotherapy consultation and access to a relaxation recording.  Book your free consultation here.

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