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Alcohol Issues

Are you thinking about changing your drinking? Hypnotherapy is effective at supporting changes in unwanted habits. Solution focused hypnotherapy can help you change your relationship with alcohol.

Alcohol hypnotherapy- give up drinking

‘24% of adults in England and Scotland regularly drink over the Chief Medical Officer’s low-risk guidelines, and 27% of drinkers in Great Britain binge drink on their heaviest drinking days (over 8 units for men and over 6 units for women)’ According to the Office of National Statistics 2018.


Many people are concerned about their drinking habits. They may be worried about how alcohol is affecting relationships with others both at home and at work. They may also be worried about their health and their ability to control their level of drinking.


Drinking alcohol to excess can also lead to feelings of guilt and shame. It can be very difficult to seek help and discuss this problem with friends and family. I am non-judgemental and caring in my approach to helping you and will help support you in your commitment to changing your relationship with alcohol.


Hypnotherapy can help with controlling alcohol. Whether you are:

  • Thinking of taking a break from alcohol

  • Getting ready to give up drinking

  • Have stopped drinking and need some help with maintenance


Solution focused hypnotherapy provides a safe space for you to discuss how you would like to change your drinking habits and can help you to achieve your goals.


I work with clients at my clinics in Harley Street, London; Whitstable and Herne Bay in Kent or online using secure video link. I also work with organisations at their offices. Contact me to find out more.

To help you make up your mind, I offer a free 15 minute hypnotherapy consultation and access to a relaxation recording.  Just fill in the form here to arrange for your free consultation and relaxation recording.

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