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Get back in the driving seat-Overcoming Driving Anxiety

Do you feel nervous about driving? Don’t worry you are not alone. More than a third of motorists feel anxious behind the wheel, with almost half (43%) of this group saying nerves affect their ability to drive, according to a survey by Aviva.

driving anxiety treatment

Driving anxiety can affect your freedom to travel and may have an impact on work or leisure time. It can be caused by increases in anxiety generally. If your anxiety levels are raised then your primitive mind will generally step into help to protect you. One of the ways in may protect you is to get you to stay close to home where you may feel safer. Don’t forget that for quite a while, during the Covid pandemic we were all given strict messages to stay at home to be safe. It can take a while for the brain to recognise that it is safe to travel and you can get back in your car!


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a very useful treatment for nervous drivers, helping you to rebuild your confidence so that you feel free to go where you want to go and live your life that way you want.


I work with clients at my clinics in Harley Street, London; Whitstable and Herne Bay in Kent or online using secure video link. I also work with organisations at their offices. Contact me to find out more.


​To help you make up your mind, I offer a free 15-minute hypnotherapy consultation and access to a relaxation recording.  Just fill in the form here to arrange for your free consultation and relaxation recording.

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