Fears and Phobias Treatment

Specific fears and phobias can result in loss of intellectual control and increased stress/anxiety. Many people have been helped to overcome specific fears and phobias with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

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All too often people have specific fears or phobias which can prevent them from leading the life they want to lead. It is estimated that as many as 85% of British people suffer from a specific fear or phobia.


Happily, hypnotherapy can help free you from these.  Here are just some of the fears that I can help you with:


  • Heights

  • Spiders or other insects

  • Water

  • Enclosed spaces

  • Flying

  • Snakes

  • Rodents

  • The dark

  • Dogs

  • Holes


If your issue is not listed here then I can still help you with this. There is no limit to the things that can be the subject of a phobia. The techniques I use help you to remove the emotion you feel that when you encounter your fears. I will work with you to help you overcome your fears and maintain intellectual control when faced with the object of your fear. 

Our brains love routines and patterns. That way our brains can work more efficiently. If jumping on a chair when we saw a spider worked for us and we did not die then our primitive brains will store this pattern of behaviour for use next time. Don’t forget that the primitive brain overrides the intellectual brain as it is all about keeping us alive and safe in perceived danger. Of course, eventually our intellectual brains regain control but we can end up repeating these unsuitable protective behaviour patterns every time we encounter the object of our phobia.


Fortunately, there is a way to retrain our brains to break this inappropriate behaviour pattern. I use a technique called rewind/reframe combined with hypnotherapy to change the way you react when faced with your fear or phobia. It is a simple process that involves creating a different scenario for when you encounter the object of your phobia and rewriting your response to it. It normally takes 4 sessions for most people.


I see people for phobia treatment in Whitstable, Kent and Harley Street, London or online if you prefer. Give me a call to find out more at 07548799367


Please get in touch to see how I can help free you from these unwanted feelings.